Counselling offers an individual an opportunity to engage in a confidential relationship with a professional counsellor, who gives the client time, through using highly developed skills of talking and listening to explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. As the client develops an understanding, they are able to identify areas of their life that they would like to change.

Who is counselling for?
We all have problems at some time in our lives. I can offer help to those suffering with depression, anxiety, bereavement issues, consequences of abuse, eating disorders, controlling anger, relationship difficulties, or those who are lonely and looking for meaning in life.

How will it help?
The counselling sessions can provide:

  • - space and times to talk through your situation
  • - new ways of seeing yourself and where you are in life
  • - help to identify alternatives to your current situation
  • - support in moving forward
  • - ways to cope with unpleasant feelings

Counselling will encourage you and enable you to gain insight into your circumstance and discover how best to move forward.

The initial session
The initial assessment lasts 50-55 minutes and gives an opportunity for you to find out more about counselling and talk about your situation.  After this we can discuss the way forward and arrange future sessions – these are usually weekly. The cost of counselling will also be discussed – normally £35 a session (£40 for couples), but concessions are available for those on benefits, or in difficult financial situations.